The Story of Victory

Our Backstory

After 4 years of running a successful Digital Marketing Consultancy, Founder Kopano Shimange started working with women on a one-on-one basis to help them grow their businesses and grow profitable personal brands. Her clients grew and achieved amazing things because of international speakers, award-winning bloggers and business women and the demand for her services grew to a point where she could no longer provide services to each woman on a 1 on 1 basis. But her desire to help women grew, Kopano had a deep passion for empowering women and seeing them win and so the idea for She Is was born. She Is created a way to reach more women, impact more lives and create greater change. 

She Is, the visionary force behind CLUBSHEIS, emerged in July 2018 with a rallying cry for women to seize control of their financial destinies. This empowering movement started with a landmark event, SECURE THE BAG, held at the prestigious Allan Gray offices in Rosebank. Attended by 40 dynamic women, the event featured enlightening talks by founder Kopano Shimange, Attorney and Wealth Advisor Vuyo Shimange, and a representative from Allan Gray. The resounding success of this event set the stage for a revolutionary movement, propelling women to the forefront of shaping their personal economies.

The momentum continued with the introduction of Daily Emails, forging a deeper connection within the She Is community. Closing out the year, two pivotal Personal Brand Courses were held across Johannesburg, marking the inception of the groundbreaking CLUBSHEIS online learning platform. The Personal Brand Bootcamp course not only transformed lives but laid the foundation for over 11,000 enrollments from women spanning 51 countries worldwide.

11 000+ Enrollments

51 Different Countries 

200+ hours of Powerful Masterclasses

Hundreds of Success Stories

Entering 2019, power couple Kopano and Vuyo Shimange responded to the clamour for more support and resources. The couple was overwhelmed by requests for more, more support, more resources and more events to help women create their own income. The Employee-to-Entrepreneur workshop was born, drawing women from across Africa to learn the ropes of launching their own businesses. In a game-changing session, the SHE IS team empowered over 50 women to leave with operational landing pages and payment systems, enabling them to immediately start selling their products and services. 

This triumph paved the way for the grand unveiling of CLUBSHEIS, an exclusive monthly membership that garnered hundreds of enthusiastic women seeking control over their income. The membership's success was evident in its weekly masterclasses, exclusive events, and access to the dynamic CLUBSHEIS learning platform.

Fast forward four years to October 2022, a momentous decision was made by the CLUBSHEIS founders. Despite nurturing a community of over 10,000 women, catalyzing hundreds of businesses, and fostering 6 and 7-figure success stories, the founders, guided by obedience and a leap of faith, chose to close the doors of CLUBSHEIS. The grand finale, Micro Workday, served as a beacon of guidance, providing keys for hundreds of women to build businesses while navigating full-time jobs.

Amidst a profound silence and introspection, revelations unfolded. CLUBSHEIS emerged wiser, and richer in experience. 

The burning question arises: What's next for CLUBSHEIS?